Welcome Back Senator Kirk!

Mark Kirk was elected to the Senate in the 2010 mid-term elections. His win was important because Kirk, a Republican, took over the seat that President Obama vacated after his election to the White House. While Kirk’s policies and positions are moderate in nature, the fact remains that his victory in a reliably blue state showed that the GOP could be competitive in statewide elections with the right candidate.

Unfortunately Senator Kirk suffered a major stroke almost a year after his election to the upper chamber. After three surgeries and paralysis on the left side of his body, Senator Kirk came back to Capitol Hill today. While not much inspiration can be found in DC, inspiration was present today when Senator Kirk walked up the steps on Capitol Hill.

As an Illinois Republican, I am proud of the perseverance and strength that Senator Kirk has shown throughout his struggle. And with nothing but respect and gratefulness, I am happy to see Senator Kirk back in DC throughout his difficult journey to represent his great state and country.