A Gift from the Other Side

Although my key focus, at this moment in time, should be my university research project on ‘National Right to Life’, I could not refrain myself from procrastinating for that little bit longer by checking out some of the latest campaign ads.  It was whilst procrastinating that I came across this ad.

Now, regardless of some continued resistance here on Redstate, it is clear to see that Romney is, more than likely, going to be the Republican nominee for the 2012 election.  Moreover, Democrats recognize this and have now turned their attention to Romney in an effort to ensure that the incumbent president recieves another four years in office.  This, ad, however, is unexpected in the sense that, in a time where the GOP is divided, it provides conservatives with many reasons as to why they should forget their differences and rally around Governor Romney.

The video opens with Romney stating that ‘corporations are people, my friend’ and that he was a ‘severely conservative Republican governor’; it is from here that the so-called ‘attack’ begins.

Straight away, it can be seen that the creators of the ad are aiming to rubbish the idea that Romney is a ‘flip-flopper’, previously a concern of many Republicans, by painting a very conservative image of the former Massachusetts governor.  Romney is displayed as an individual who is committed to the pro-life cause as well as a small state conservatism in terms of bailouts, Obamacare etc.

At a time when the Republican Party has failed to unite, it has been noted that Romney may be the preferred candidate of just 40% of voters so far, this ad is very much welcome as, having watched most of the campaign videos released so far, this is the one that has the greatest potential to unite the Republican Party behing Mitt Romney and mobilize the conservative base ahead of November’s showdown.

We do not say this often but, for this, we owe a massive thank you to the Democrats of the U.S.A.