Why Romney Offers the Prospect of Real Change.

Good day Redstate and hello from the United Kingdom.  As you can probably tell, this is my first ever post on the site and what I intend on delivering to you is a conservative view of the U.S.A. from here in the United Kingdom.  I decided to join Redstate rather than a different site due to the fact that I am a strong support of both the GOP and the conservative cause in the U.S.A.

For my first post, I am going to be a bit more relaxed than I will usually be as, at this early stage of my diary, I am hoping to recieve feedback in regards to what you think of my writing as well as the general view from the U.K…..through my eyes.


It is quite remarkable to think that just four years ago, the world was gripped by, what many were led to believe, the incredible story of a young Senator from Illinois named Barack Obama.  Obama had gained momentum in the Democratic Primary Process and was proving to be a real challenge to, then favourite, Senator Hillary Clinton of New York in a presidential campaign that would, eventually, lead him to the White House.  I won’t lie, back in 2008, I was one of the many young Brits who was caught up in, what I now believe to be, ‘the Obama craze’.  How wrong I was.

Since coming to office in January 2009, President Obama has piled on over $4 trillion dollars to the national debt and introduced a health care plan, later dubbed ‘Obamacare’ by its opponents, which could lead to the elimination of at least 800,000 jobs.  At a time where many Americans are struggling to find work, it does not appear to this writer that the policies of the current President are going to help find a solution to this problem any time soon.

Moreover, it is not just here where the Obama administration has recieved criticism.  In his recent book, ‘Leadership and Crisis’, Governor Jindal of Louisiana criticises the Obama administration for its, somewhat questionable, response to the 2010 Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill.

It is due to reasons such as these that, when talking about the upcoming presidential election, I refer to it as the ‘most important election in a generation. Not just for the United States, but for the world as a whole’.  We live in an increasingly globalized world and, it is my belief that, whatever happens in the United States is of extreme importance, here, in my home country.  It is also my belief that, in order for the United States to ensure a truly conservative future, Mitt Romney must be elected to the office of the President of the United States in November.

There are a number of things that I admire in Mitt Romney.  He has been a State Governor as well as a leading figure in the business world; this is something that I feel is really needed at the top level in these times of economic crisis.  In addition to his experience, Mitt is a committed family man, he has been married to the lovely Ann for 43 years now, and a patriot; a quality which appears to be desired following a period of apologetic foreign policy.  Romney is also a man of strong religious conviction and this is something that should put him in a good position prior to the November 2012 election.

The thing, however, that makes me believe that Mitt Romney is the candidate that must be elected in November to ensure a truly conservative future for the United States is the fact that many regard Romney to be a moderate.  Believe it or not, at this point in time, I believe that this is the best thing that could happen for conservatives in the United States.  Regardless of where the moderate perception of Governor Romney has come from, or whether or not it is accurate, it is vital to remember that the United States has just experienced a massive period of growth by the state through health care reform etc. and that to shrink the state overnight would bring devastation to many who have become dependent on the new size of the state.  It is because of this that I feel that the United States must make incremental steps towards a smaller state.

Sure, Romney may not be regarded by some as the perfect conservative but, honestly, he is the best hope for the future of the GOP and the United States of America.  This November, I believe that the United States owes it to itself to elect Mitt Romney and allow him to lay the groundwork for what, over time, will truly ensure that the United States remains one of the greatest countries on earth.


Referenced in the above is Bobby Jindal’s book ‘Leadership and Crisis’:

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