I admit it. I had a relapse.

But I’m getting better. Recovery is hard. I’m glad Redstate leaves my account open and refuses to ban me. That’s awesome. You guys rule.

I’m leaving again of my accord. I really want to stop being a douche, but it’s hard. I’m addicted. It’s just like my addiction to Pokemon fanfic. I lost my dog to that.

Look. Nobody is perfect. Especially not me. Not even McDreamy. I just can’t quit you!

So here’s the deal. I’m going to TRY to stay away undouchily. I may relapse. But if I do, know this. My deep inner self loves you and wants to be with you. Well … you and some filthy, filthy pokemons with low self-esteem.

Anyway. That’s where we are. Nobody has closed my account. I accept that. I’ll do my best to stay away voluntarily. But IF occasionally I end up posting, I beg you to remind me what a douche I am. Please?