A bin Laden Quagmire

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Before I begin, I want to clarify a few things. I am damn glad Osama bin Laden is dead. Ding dong, bin Laden is dead! When the word came down from the President Sunday night, I grabbed the nearest alcoholic beverage to rejoice that he is finally gone. No longer a factor. Finished. Done gasping the same air as the rest of humanity. The scum is dead, good riddance.

Okay… now to get to the troubling matter. Just what the hell is the Obama administration trying to say?! For the great communicator, he sure is letting every talking head confuse the public at every turn! There are all sorts of mixed messages coming from the White House from different people that could very well throw the validity of this operation. Not that I doubt it, I just want a straight answer if they are going to give answers and pretend or try to be transparent.

Osama bin Laden’s wife: There is a multitude of mixed messages about one of his wives that lived in the compound. Officials let out to the media that she was used as a human shield and was killed. Later, the public is told she was used as a shield by Osama, and was killed. Then she wasn’t killed, but wounded. Following that, the public is told she wasn’t a human shield at all. At some point or another, she supposedly came at the SEALs with a knife and was wounded that way.

Armed or Unarmed, you’re Dead: I don’t understand the need to know if Osama bin Laden (Public Enemy Number One, the worst terrorist alive, worst person in the world) put up a fight. The narrative coming out tries to suggest he put up some sort of fight, or was enough of a threat for SEALs to shoot him dead. As though the average American would have a clearer conscience about shooting him dead if he shot back, wielded a knife, or had strapped on a bomb vest. Like killing him would be sullied if U.S. forces found him laying in the sun as naked as jaybird. Or if he shot himself dead. Either way, he’s dead. But thisfeel good narrative is mucking up the facts.

Body Dumping: For some reason or another, the President tried to create a respectful narrative to how U.S. forces treated bin Laden’s corpse. The story goes that his body was taken for positive identification. But to be respectful to his Islamic beliefs, his body was dressed and treated by a Muslim aboard the U.S. ship at sea. He was wrapped in white linen, and given a traditional Islamic burial at sea within 24 hours of his death. But what does that have to do with anything?

Firstly, for Muslim Americans, Osama bin Laden was a bad Muslim. Some go as far to say that he was no longer a Muslim; just a terrorist radical who twisted the faith. To give him a “traditional burial at sea” would seem to legitimized or acknowledge his faith over his terrorism.

Secondly, the Islamic faith would not be satisfied burying him at sea. Just because we dumped the body within 24 hours, doesn’t mean he was given a traditional burial. Splashing him down to swim with the fishes is only allowed if there was no other way to bury him. And there were other ways. Taking his body from the compound is technically a violation.

Lastly, burying him at sea does not appease or make it easier for the crazies that call themselves Muslims. Terrorists don’t care how his body was treated. The guy is their martyr. We could have wrapped his body in bacon and weighted the body bag with a rotting pig. Terrorists would not be more inflamed about his death than they already are. Only thing that needs to be said is that he was buried at sea so no nutbag can make a pilgrimage to his grave site. And that’s truly all that matters. Traditional, respectful, or not.

By the way, a bin Laden drink is two shots and a splash of water. Bottom’s up!

To Release, or Not Release the photo. That is the question: Just what in the world is wrong with these guys in the White House? Current CIA Director, set to be the next Secretary of Defense soon, Leon Penetta said outright to the media on Tuesday that the White House will release the photos of Osama bin Laden’s corpse. All that remained was when, and what media would show it uncensored. Almost a day later, President Obama say there will be no photo.

Whether you need the photo or not (I don’t), I don’t believe the reasons they are putting out about showing the dead creep. Sure, I believe a picture of him would be graphic. But I also find posting images of our dead soldiers coming back overseas as graphic. Which President Obama authorized and has no gumption about. Adding to the precedent, Obama planned on releasing photos of “Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse” in 2004. Which would have outraged everyone, American and terrorists alike. But an image of a dead terrorist… oh no, that’s just too inappropriate and offensive.

The reason that it would inflame terrorists around the world is a load of crap. Al Qaeda has already promised revenge, with or without the photos. Every counter-terrorism expert out there knows the killing of bin Laden does not end the war on terror. And certainly does not mean the end of Al Qaeda. It has been stated time and time again that terrorists will “retaliate.” They try to bottom line it that releasing the photo is gloating. Even going as far as to say “spiking the ball.” Like killing Mr. Terrorist is a touchdown in the world wide game called the war on terror…

For some reason, some official thought it would be a decent concession if they released the video of bin Laden’s sea burial. What’s that going to do for the public?! I get that some want “definitive proof” he’s dead, and was killed Sunday night. A photo won’t satisfy all of them. But making up all these B.S. reasons why not is just insulting our intelligence.

And if the Obama administration is more concerned about upsetting the crazies in the mountains and hills, maybe he shouldn’t have killed bin Laden and dropped the  the war on terror the moment he was sworn into offie. I don’t care what would or would not upset terrorists. And if anyone is offended from the graphic images because they are a Muslim doesn’t have a clue or cares that bin Laden is a mass murderer, and enemy of the United States of America and all of the free world! Any and all Americans ought to be relieved Osama bin Laden is dead.

These false concessions and reasons for being kind to terrorists is repulsive. The White House has a twisted tale about what happened in Abbottabad. Further, they lack guts and reason for any decision or indecision about what to release and not. President Obama won’t gloat with his photos, but is going to set up a photo op at Ground Zero.