Osama bin Laden is Dead!

What a fantastic announcement Sunday night! Public Enemy Number One is dead! As most know by now, it was a US ground operation in Abbottabad, Pakistan on Sunday. It is said that US Navy SEALs executed the op.

This is a victory for the American psyche. The face of terrorism is dead. I can’t say it enough: Osama bin Laden is dead! I know this isn’t the end of the war on terror. I know Al Qaeda isn’t out, but they are certainly down. Those guys are into symbolism, and this is a massive gut check.

There are a lot of interesting facts and details coming out about this operation. One thing that is just absolutely fascinating is that the attack was tweeted by an unwitting civilian in Abbottabad. Sohaib Athar heard and saw some strange activity in Abbottabad early Monday morning local time and tweeted it:

Athar is a little comedic over…

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