Meghan McCain: Just Stop It

I can’t understand this dynasty/legacy mentality of some politicians and their children. Just what is it that makes Chelsea Clinton or Meghan McCain think they are the voice of their parents’ political parties? I can only wonder that maybe they believe they are heirs to nobles in some gotti kingdom of politics. Whatever the case may be, Meghan McCain cries for the limelight again.

In every single one of her boohoo episodes with the media – namely CNN – little McCain keeps up the moderate wimp attitude her father upheld throughout the ’08 and ’00 elections. “Moderates” believe the rest of whatever party they leech off of is too exclusive and doesn’t allow enough of their people in. Rather than leading by example she does exactly what her and her ilk do, whine.

Her principles that she demands the party takes on and allows to be included are hardly principles. She claims the GOP rejects her form of Liberalism. It would be all too easy for anyone taking in each of her articles that it’s simply the GOP versus Liberalism. That would be the mainstream media’s objective in pursuit of her statements. That’s an oversimplification to the matter at hand.

In this supposed effort to make the Republican Party “inclusive” is the underlying assault on Conservatism. Meghan McCain wants Republicans to forget their principles. Her comments are drive-by attacks on individuals and their independent opinions and political conclusions. In saying that the GOP is being exclusive to her ilk she is saying Conservatism fails the Republican Party. Miss McCain goes so far as to say Conservatism is narrow minded and bigoted.

I still should give credit where credit is due as the McCain’s say the Republican Party has a problem communicating their message. I can most certainly agree with that. It is hard to understand what the GOP stands for when it gets muddled with all the Lindsey Graham’s, John McCain’s, and Meghan McCain’s twisting what it should and should not be. Miss McCain, just stop it. The Republican Party gave you and your father’s approach a chance. It failed, and it wasn’t the rightwing of the GOP that made your preferred middle of the road approach do it in.