Moderates Needed to Get Majority

To regain the majority in both the house and the senate we need moderates. For instance if  moderate republican Mike Castle (Delaware U.S. House Representative and former Governor) runs for Joe Biden’s former Senate Seat he will be almost guaranteed a victory. If elected Castle would be the first Republican to represent Delaware in the Senate since Bill Roth. Another example would be Rob Simmons(Former U.S. House Representative from Connecticut’s 2nd congressional distract). Simmons a moderate has a great chance of unseating incumbent Christopher Dodd. A Quinnipiac poll showed Simmons leading Dodd 50%-34%.I’m not saying that the Republican Party should stop running conservatives. I’m just saying in certain states like the Northeastern states such as Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Maine we would need to run moderate candidates. If we do this I believe  we can regain majorities  in both houses of congress.