US sending $1billion worth of F-16's to Egypt

With uncertainty surrounding our nation’s economic stability, the Obama administration is set to send $1 billion worth of F-16’s to Egypt, while reducing our own National Defense.

Despite unrest in Cairo and abroad, the United States is sending 20 F-16 fighter jets to Egypt beginning January 2013. The initiative is part of a foreign aid package that began in 2010, though Hosni Mubarak has since been removed. Instead, the US government will be supplying the military arsenal to Mohamed Morsi as he continues to attempt to obtain dictatorial control over Egypt.

Morsi is part of the Muslim Brotherhood.

According to Lockheed Martin, the F-16’s set to be delivered to Egypt “…can fly more than 500 miles” and “deliver weapons with superior accuracy.”

With America facing the devastating impact of the Fiscal Cliff, and sequestration threatening to reduce the defense budget by $1 trillion dollars, now is not the time to be sending American aircraft to a build up the arsenal of a potential dictatorship, while reducing our own defenses.

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