Boxed In/ August 12, 2008

Well I did it. I became a Republican. This red suit feels stiff, but clean and new and freeing. This is a big step for me. Raised a Democrat by Irish-Catholic-Kennedy fanatics, I was once a member of the Green party.

Although I have almost always been pro-life, I have clung to my Democratic roots because I didn’t want to be “boxed in.” I didn’t want to be thought of as rich, (which I am because my husband makes good money) or out of touch with the working class, (I am a childless home maker) or be targeted by feminists or gays or liberals of any sort. I wanted to be thought of as an exception to those very narrow, fiscal conservatives like Ronald Reagan. Though I loved Reagan for his stand for the unborn, I never fully trusted his unmitigated trust in corporate America. (In retrospect, though, his deregulation of the airlines was a good thing. Now, the government is heavily involved in them again because of terrorism and high oil prices. But that’s another story…and I’m still not convinced I am fiscally conservative.)

Still, the time has come for me to take a stand, politically. I can no longer ignore the Democratic party’s ignoring and supressing pro-lifers. I can no longer support a party that is in line with the lgbt agenda. I can no longer be thought of as an Obama supporter because I was a registered Democrat. I have come to the point where I would rather live in a box and be misunderstood on less important issues (like whether I am rich and out of touch) in order to be more clearly understood on the supremely important ones. I am a Republican because the Republicans stand for life. I am a Republican because the Republicans defend my freedom to live my faith. And I am a Republican because I am Catholic. The Republican Party, though (I’m guessing) it was founded by Protestants, is the party most in line with the social teachings of the Catholic Church.And speaking of the Catholic Church, I switched alliances there, too. Not all Catholic churches preach Catholic teaching. Call me narrow, but as a Catholic, I need to hear Catholic teaching. Yes, call me narrow. Call me rich. Call me out of touch. But you can no longer call me a Democrat. I might be living in a smaller box now, but I can breathe easier.