The DREAM of a New Utah Senator Act

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) in a purely partisan move this week announced he would attach the controversial DREAM Act to a defense bill. In case you are unaware, the DREAM Act provides a path to citizenship for illegal alien students who are going to public schools on the taxpayer dollar if they graduate high school and move onto college. Can there be any doubt that passage of this bill would only further incentivize people to enter our country illegally and bring their children so they can gain citizenship.

Although, the bill does state the illegal alien minor must have been in the United States illegally for 5 years prior to the passage of the bill, it’s hard to believe the government will actually enforce that provision. After all, the federal government has shown time and time again that they have no interest in securing our borders and enforcing current immigration law. Just in the past few weeks Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) proposed a new policy which would allow illegal aliens stopped for a traffic-related offense to be set free. The federal government is suing the state of Arizona, and also suing Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio who has been cracking down on illegal aliens for years. The government claims Sheriff Arpaio has failed to turn over documents relating to an investigation on discrimination against Latinos. This investigation comes only six months after ICE had conducted its own review of Sheriff Arpaio’s office. The ICE investigation found that Arpaio had been doing nothing inappropriate or illegal, and states that Arpaio’s cases were of “high quality”. Even ICE agents gave their superiors a vote of no confidence recently while the border patrol agents represented by Local 2544 of Tucson said these recent suits are nothing more than a political ploy. Instead of attaching the DREAM Act to a defense bill perhaps Mr. Reid should take some money from some of the many Washington pork funds and add it to the defense bill to be used to further enhance the security of the United States border.

One big question is where did this DREAM Act evolve from in the first place? Was it the idea of some congressional leftist or open borders advocate? If we look hard we can find our supposed conservative and good friend Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) was the man who first proposed the act back in 2001. In 2007 Hatch still supported the DREAM Act when he voted for its cloture. Yes Mr. Hatch voting for cloture is really supporting the bill. Again just this year Senator Hatch voiced his support for the DREAM Act at this Utah town meeting. It is very interesting now that Orrin has no interest in voting for the act he created as it comes up for a vote next week. Obviously Senator Hatch is thinking of the 2012 election after the defeat of Senator Bob Bennett (R-UT) in this year’s primary elections. It’s the typical Republican “good old boy” mentality where one tries to start looking conservative a year or two before an election hoping most will forget their many not so conservative votes.

Well Mr. Hatch we won’t forget and in 2012 we will be looking for a new Utah senator just like we found a better conservative to replace Bob Bennett this year. Some will call us cold hearted as they read sad stories about the plight of illegal alien families and those children who grew up in schools paid for by United States citizens. The fact is that we don’t want to see illegal aliens or their families put in these sad positions. We can help keep them out of these positions by securing our borders, enforcing our laws and removing incentives which bring these families illegally into our country. The DREAM Act is just another incentive for illegal entry into this country and we won’t forget the person who created the DREAM Act. An act which has turned into a nightmare for Senator Hatch as he has already had to start positioning himself for his 2012 election bid knowing the people of Utah have had enough.

Cross posted from www.demandliberty.org