Time for Orin Hatch to Grow Up and Move Out

Today Sen. Orin Hatch (R-UT) was whining like a little kid about a promise Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) supposedly made in a private meeting in Hatch’s office last year. What was this promise? According to Mr. Hatch, Jason Chaffetz promised not to run against him in 2012. Even if Chaffetz did make this promise which he denies doing a year ago, Hatch should be a little more grown up about it.

Obviously someone’s lying and I bet it’s our good friend Orin who has made many promises himself. For example, Orin took an oath to uphold our Constitution which states in Article 1 Section 2

“No person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the age of twenty five years, and been seven years a citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an inhabitant of that state in which he shall be chosen.”

The key word here is “state” and Mr. Hatch in a misguided attempt to gain another seat in the house for the state of Utah is leading the charge to give the District of Columbia seats in the House of Representatives. Even though the District of Columbia is not a state Mr. Hatch is still trying to sell out the constitution in Judas like fashion. When I questioned Mr. Hatch about this he told me by letter

“I continue to believe that, in order to be fair, we should provide the citizens of the District of Columbia with representation in Congress.”, and “In addition, the Constitution, by granting Congress the exclusive authority to pass legislation on all matters regarding the District, gives Congress the power to give representation to the citizens of the District.”

When reading Article 1 Section 2 of the Constitution it is pretty clear even to a common citizen like myself, only states are entitled to representatives in the house.

The people of Utah want a senator who stands up for the Constitution instead of one who trades the ideals of our country for the fulfillment of their own personal ideals. We want a leader who leads in reforming government programs not one who votes for a bill just because it brings money to their state from a bankrupt federal government. When voting on bills such as H.R. 2419, a bill which mainly gave large farm subsidies to farmers in a year with record crop prices. Hatch voted to spend 897 billion tax-payer dollars over 9 years along with 35.4 billion to implement H.R. 2419 over the first 4 years. All this new spending as the recession was starting and the public debt was climbing to more than 10 trillion dollars. Hatch voted for the bill because it “included several important programs that would benefit Utahns” and the “legislation was strongly supported by many agricultural groups in our state”. I wonder how many of those agricultural groups support the Hatch campaign? I also wonder if Hatch ever stopped to ask himself how Utahns benefit from a bankrupt government and how many of the states people benefit from higher food prices due to subsidies?

Back to the subject of fairness, freedom isn’t fair it’s guaranteed. Just like we the people of Utah were free to throw Bob Bennett out of the senate this year we will throw you out in two years. In the name of fairness Mr. Hatch I suggest you retire by 2012 and allow another fine citizen of the state of Utah to represent Utah values in line with the Constitution. Someone who realizes that money collected for the state from the federal government comes from fellow citizens in other states. Someone who believes that state senators have a responsibility not only to their state, but a responsibility to protect the financial welfare of the country we all love. In the name of fairness we all have to ask this question. Is continuing your senate career of 24 years being fair to others who might want to serve? After all it’s awfully hard to run against a sitting senator with millions in the bank to smear their opponents. We thank you for your service of 24 years, but it has come time for you to retire. The state of Utah will need a new leader in the senate in 2012, someone with the passion needed to lead us back to responsibility. The responsibility we owe as free people, not only to our respective states but our great country as well.

Cross posted from www.demandliberty.org

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