Now that we have this president---

I am a very loving person, I was taught values and morals that I also taught my daughter’s. However, I was also taught that HARD WORK pays off.So here are some things that now need to be gone:**1. Shred the Race Card2. No more NAACP3. No more like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, Wright, and all of those who continually keep everything stirred up.4. Affirmative Action should be removed. 5. NO MORE of the “the white man is keeping me down”

YOU all wanted equal, well now you have it. It goes both ways. WE also want it to be equal for us too. Now get up, get a job and get off welfare, I am sick of paying my taxes for your laziness and having to many kids.

I Am sorry if I offend anyone here. But you know I have had enough. I was raised in a small North GA town where we all got along. My ancestors were Native American. As such, I feel I have that right to speak out. We have got to protect our Constitution. If not, we are in more trouble than we have ever seen. And may you all be Blessed.