Keith says "Ground Zero Mosque is not an insult to victims"

Keith Olbermann has a message for Muslims in America.  A warning if you will.  Put plainly, he says “stay out” and “go away.”   He tells them “If you know what’s best for you, don’t come here.”

Has he become a bigot?  An anti-mulsim?  Or has the laughable caricature that is the host of “Countdown” on MSNBC simply lost his mind?

In truth, Olbermann’s warning is a frightening tale of holocausts, nazis and an incompetent California would-be bomber.  In Keith’s world, Americans are FAR more dangerous than any terrorists.  I’ve got the sound bytes to prove it and my world class analysis to refudiate it.

Also on the agenda: How Barack Obama is ending the influence of lobbyists over Washington by simply appointing them directly to positions of power, why Andrea Mitchell thinks strippers were flying the planes that were used on 9-11 & how you can support women’s suffering…er suffrage by voting Democrat this fall.

All this and Tommy Christopher on Renewing America with Ben Howe.  Click play….NOW.

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