Evil Andy Griffith handles Suspicious Packages

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Ever notice how Obama’s cute little anecdotes are nothing more than attempts to paint his opposition as bumbling idiots who he’s gracious enough to provide wisdom to?  In an alternate reality one could see him walking down to the pond carrying his fishing rod with little Opie telling tales of Socialism and Liberation Theology.

The question is, why do Republicans allow the images that he projects to persist?  While Obama complains that we can’t go back to “the policies of old” the Republicans…..agree?  But then, that all depends on which policies we’re talking about doesn’t it?

Tune in for the real scoop on which policies Obama doesn’t want to go back to, which policies he can’t WAIT to go back to and how up is down and left is right in the world of a liberal fascist.

Also Lori Ziganto (aka snarkandboobs) drops in to tell a tale of how she got Glenn Beck to talk about naughty parts.

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