New Black Market Emerges in New York City: Police Powerless

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In the words of Governor Chris Christie, the press is “Thin Skinned” and this has never been truer as the press falls all over themselves in dismay because of Governor Palin’s remarks about the inner workings of Barack Obama’s man parts.

Apparently there is no more offensive statement that can be made to a man then to tell them that they aren’t as tough as a woman which one could make the argument is a sexist statement on it’s own merits.

So what’s happening in the world while all of this attention is being paid to the President’s huwt feewings?  Well for one there is a new black market emerging in New York City which the police and local municipalities seem powerless to stop.  As more people become victims of this group of criminals, the press remains silent and the people are paralyzed with fear.

What is this new group of modern day Capones that has taken to the streets of the Big Apple?  Well if I told you here, you wouldn’t listen to the show.

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Special note to Tommy Christopher who I invited on the show.  I saw that you called in and were ready to debate me on the topic of racism and I sincerely apologize for not only not bringing you on but failing to even mention that I wouldn’t have time to get to you.  That being said, Tommy I’m afraid I’m out of time and will have to bring you on next week.