Disassembling Jon Stewart (and David Axelrod)

Ben Howe is the host of “Renewing America with Ben Howe” aired weekly on Saturday nights at 9 pm on Blogtalk Radio.

Jon Stewart has been a leader of moderate (read: liberal) thought for going on a decade now.  Anytime he’s challenged on this, he falls back on the tired mantra that he’s “merely a comedian.”

Well for better or worse, his “merely a comedian” act is making way for “accidental journalist that does a better job of challenging the likes of David Axelrod then Charlie Gibson could ever dream of.”

What makes it deliciously ironic is, he doesn’t seem to be aware he’s doing it.  He’s simply laying the life line out for Axelrod and the truth proves to be too hard of a pull.

I spent Saturday’s show breaking this interview down and you may be surprised at how it all flushed out.

Also, Lori Ziganto and Caleb Howe joined me for the last half hour to talk about their show “The Needle” as well as their distinct honor of being named important by others.

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