Morning in Someone Else's America

Do we really need to go through the numbers again?  Through the horror stories of medical treatment in other countries (and even other states) who’ve made the mistake of nationalizing healthcare?  Through the examples of failed Government programs like the Post Office, Medicare and Social Security?  Through the national debt?  What our kids will be left with?  The opportunities we squandered when we controlled the House?  The massive tax burdens?  The fiscal travesty that is Obamacare?

These data points are the arguments of yesterday.  Arguments that existed to convince reasonable people that their goal is sound but their method is madness.  Should we know them? Yes.  But as of today, the circumstances of the fight have become all too clear.

This is not about any of the reasonable arguments against Obamacare.  This fight is philosophical.  It’s ideological.  It’s about the soul of America.

The fact is there are people in the highest level of this country who don’t believe that America is all that great. That “American exceptionalism” is arrogant and unfair.  What they believe is that these last 200 years have been a precursor to the fundamental societal changes that human evolution has demanded.  In their minds this is their moment.  Debt, costs, bad track records, the failures of other countries, these things are irrelevant when you are trying to destroy what has existed in favor of an entirely new system.  Their mantra is:  “Bring the destruction!”  “Bring the collapse!”  “Don’t let this opportunity escape us!”

Senator Brown’s election in January most certainly sent a message to Washington.  When I was at CPAC shortly there after, I thought I understood what that message was: “America doesn’t want this reform, let’s go back to the drawing board.”  “Wrong” is so inadequate in describing how off the mark I was in this conclusion.

The message was this: “We now have less than 10 months to fundamentally transform this country into our ideal.”

Yes, they played a little politics.  The Summit, the meeting with Republicans in Baltimore.  These were ways to keep an angry public at bay.  To keep the media covering them correctly while the leadership worked back room deals and their strategists worked out contingency plans using words like “Reconciliation” and “Slaughter”.  In the end, I think they realized that there was no reason to hide.  They have 10 months to pass sweeping legislative changes that will ensure a permanent welfare state finally fulfilling the socialist ideal.  With such a short timeline, they can’t be bothered to worry about things like “Rules” or “Laws” or “Process”.  In their minds, the European model only fails because of America.  If America gets on board, then Utopia is a virtual certainty.

This morning, I woke up in someone else’s America.  An America run by the elite that know better for us then we know for ourselves.  An America where people who do not pay taxes vote for higher taxes on everyone else.  An America where the Constitution is an outdated document that the leadership believes people “aren’t all that interested in.”

What in 2008 was a victory for the Democrats and a loss for the Republicans, has morphed into the fight of our lives.  The damage that they can do between now and the next congress is massive.  Consider the fact that although it took a year to get here on Health Care, it only took a month once the Democrats had essentially signed their suicide pact.  They are emboldened.  They are high off of their victory and, worst of all, they are crazed with power.

Once a Congress is willing to consider altering a sixth of the economy under a budgetary reconciliation method or willing to pass a bill by simply “deeming” it, where is the fear of the people or the law?  They’ve brazenly made it clear on more than one occasion that these pending lawsuits from the states are irrelevant.  The Fed trumps all and, therefore, the states cannot stop them.

This cannot stand obviously.  We have the opportunity now to prove to the world that our Founding Fathers didn’t miss a thing when they wrote the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution & The Bill of Rights.

We should aim for the sky and work on getting veto proof majority.  Damn what the realists think.  Damn what the pundits think.  If we shoot high and come up short, we keep fighting.

This government must shrink.  Entitlement must be phased out.  Education costs must get under control.  These are no longer nice political talking points.  We must demand actions from our candidates and we can longer become comfortable and complacent with “lesser of two evils” politics.  All that has produced is a Government that is systematically taking over private industries and is now requiring it’s citizens to purchase products from government subsidized companies.

This fight to bring us back to our original purpose could only happen once the first shot had been fired.  That shot was fired last night.  The war has begun.  We must rebel using the very process that this leadership has mocked and abused.  We must take our precious documents out from beneath their feet, dust them off and strike them down with the will of the people.