To: Mr. Joe Owens.

Here’s the email I sent after his latest “Did I do that..?” email to Erick.

Mr. Owens,

Yeah, I’m not buying your “how did that email get there?” baloney.  It’s pretty clear you have a left wing agenda and from the looks of it you are an employee of that company ESIWorld.  If you are we can always start calling your office to try and get you fired so you can lose YOUR income. (you know, for using company email to push political agendas?)

Or if you own the place, we can talk to YOUR advertisers about your left wing agenda with the result once again being that you lose your income.
Or you could be a man.  Admit you sent the email, and try debating the issues instead of trying to just destroy people’s ability to live in a tough economy.
Can we agree to get along?  If you keep saying you didn’t send the email then I can assure you calls to your boss/advertisers will ensue.  So drop the charade, admit what you did, and we can all agree that we are on opposite sides of the aisle and yet we don’t have to endanger our individual abilities to put food on the table to make a point.
A redstate member.
That’s so you can pay your late pre-school tuition fees Erick.