For this I will be branded a racist...

For many months now we have sat in disbelief as our president…our Dear Leader recently referred to in the media as God, has traveled the world apologizing on behalf of a people who for the most part, hadn’t thought they’d done anything wrong.

We’ve watched as he groveled in the mid-east and Europe and has done his classic “other hand” equivalencies to paint a picture of an America that has been a blemish to this planet as opposed to a beacon of hope.

As I listened to El Rushbo discussing these facts recently, something he said got the gears turning in my conservative brain.  Speaking of Obama’s recent speech in Cairo, Rush focused in on a part where Obama claimed that we cannot impose our values on others which invoked the following response from Rush: “We can’t impose our values on the rest of the world, right?  That’s what President Obama said.  Sure as hell sounds like the rest of the world can impose their values on us.  They don’t like Gitmo, we have to shut it down.  They don’t like what we’ve done, fine, Obama will run around and apologize.”

As I pondered WHY Obama would do this, my mind went to the obvious place at first: liberals hate America and blame Her first.  But the way that Rush responded had really gotten my brain going and I considered another option.  Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  Reverend Al Sharpton.  Reverend Jesse Jackson.

For years now, the claim has been made that discrimination from minorities is not possible because one must be in a position of power in order to impose discrimination upon anyone.  Obviously, rich white men are the only people who possess power…right?  Well, not anymore.  So, great, a minority is the most powerful man in the world.  What will he do?  How will things be different?  What does a representative from a group of people who had never wielded power before do when power is finally in their hands?  Well, if you just watch Obama, you get the answer.  He’s going from the playbook of the aforementioned reverends and what they demand for the white aristocracy to do.  Reparations.

See, Obama is living out what the white power structure never did for African Americans and other previously oppressed groups.  Sure we made a concession here and there.  We apologized for the wrongs that people we never met committed against other people we never met.  But we didn’t REALLY get down and grovel.  So Obama is just doing it for us.  He’s showing us the way.

Change.  It means many things.  It’s not always good.  In this case, it seems to be the fulfillment of the race profiteers and class envy groups dreams of submission and the shedding of power.  Finally, those in power are hanging their heads low and begging for forgiveness for sins they did not personally commit or worse yet, weren’t commited at all.  Finally, the smug power that is the United States, which to the Jeremiah Wright’s of this world had been merely a proxy for the continuing slavery of blacks, has been brought down and is apologizing for being who they are.  Twenty years of Jeremiah Wrights sermons and wisdom is in the oval office.  How could it NOT influence his foreign policy?

It’s disgusting.  I am NOT ashamed of my country.  I don’t know what country Obama thinks he’s representing, but the role of the president is not to “level the playing field” with the rest of the world and attempt to prove how sorry we are so people will like us.  This is not leadership it’s pandering.  This is not evenhandedness this is moral equivalency.  This is not conviction it is submission.  And for Reverends Wright, Shaprton & Jackson, this is not an apology tour….it is a reckoning.