Ok, for those who aren’t paying attention, here’s a recap:
  • Government funded abortions world wide
  • Trillions of dollars in deficits
  • Higher spending
  • Higher taxes
  • Single payer government run healthcare
  • Vet benefits cut
  • Acorn benefits raised
  • Terrorists coddled
  • Effective interrogators impugned
  • Cigarette Taxes
  • Tax Dodging cabinet
  • That moron press secretary
  • mandatory “volunteer” work for kids
  • Soft drink (fat) taxes
  • Releasing of top secret documents to appease the liberal base and embolden our enemies
  • Closing of Gitmo
  • Attacks on private citizens like Rush Limbaugh
  • Free cell phones for the poor
  • Free mortgages for the irresponsible
  • Free company ownership to the unions
  • Fairness doctrine (it’s gonna happen, believe that)
  • Did I mention taxes?
The list goes on and on and on and on.  I’ve barely scratched the surface.  This tiny list is off the top of my head.  This is insane.  Our government is running amok and half of the people WANT it and the best our party can come up with is to travel the country asking people what they would like Republicans to think?
Every election cycle, people ask about and look for the next Reagan.  Politicians invoke his name in order to borrow his conservative credibility when running for President.  That’s all fine and dandy for the campaign trail but seriously, where is the next Reagan?  Don’t get me wrong, I know that invoking Reagan’s name has become part of the Republican vernacular so as played out as this may sound, again I ask…..WHERE IS THE NEXT REAGAN!!!!????
People keep claiming that Rush is leading the party but it’s not true.  Conservative ideology is leading the party, Rush is just the one with a loud enough microphone to get all of our attention, but, no offense to the great one, what he’s saying is nothing new!  I agree with it all, but we need a politician saying it and more importantly, LIVING IT.  NOW!!  Not in 3 years.  I don’t care about the consultants who say that now is “too early” and the public will “get sick of them”.  That’s more baloney.  A true leader would come out, say what they think, lead the opposition for 3 years, and stand by their statements.  Rally the voters.  Whip the legislators in to shape and get the House and the Senate to vote no on all this crap, even when they can’t win.
I’m losing my mind here.  We need a leader like crazy or I fear we will not rise from the ashes on this one.  The current Republican leadership needs to stop running around asking the public what to think and start leaning on the conservative ideals that lead to the greatest economic expansion in our history and left us the lone superpower.