An Open Letter to Those Weasely Republicans (You Know Who You Are)

With less than three months before the midterm elections, your party has a huge opportunity to reclaim the majority in one or both houses of Congress. But throughout my life as a political activist I have learned the hard way that we should never underestimate the ability of the Republican party to screw it up.

There are some of you who are relatively unknown but now I’m reading your web sites and “friending” you on Facebook so I can find out what kind of person you are. But for the rest of you, I am getting this nauseous feeling that you are running scared and want to play it safe because some of the media elite have convinced you that you shouldn’t take a stand on too many specific issues lest some special interest group create some bad press for you. And a handful of you seem to be going out of your way to be accepted by the D.C. social crowd by appearing “moderate” and “reasonable” to the point that we’ve lost all trust in you. (Somebody tell Senator Graham I’m talking about him.)

Our country is on the precipice of disaster and you idiots want to play it safe and avoid “controversial” statements? We are being run by activist federal judges who feel they have the right to overturn the will of the people as determined by popular vote (Prop 8 and Arizona immigration, and soon probably health care). This Congress is installing its second far-left activist judge onto the Supreme Court and even more in lower courts all over the country. We have a quasi-socialist government that is going out of its way to crush private enterprise while rewarding the politically connected. Our economy is so weak that we could wake up one morning and everything would be shut down… utilities, emergency services, banks, stores, etc. because our money is worthless.

With so much at stake, can I be honest and offer some straight-forward suggestions to the Republican Party?

1) Since John Boehner and Mitch McConnell seem to be on camera more than anyone else in the party, I feel pretty secure in expressing my opinion that both of them are about as inspiring as broccoli. It seems that when any of you do press briefings you sound like you’re reading one bumper sticker after another. This goes for the whole party… when you limit yourself to talking points and pre-approved cliches, it shows, and you sound insincere and phony. This country is in serious danger and “we the people” of this country KNOW it… we just need to know that YOU know it. The people who are most likely to vote for you are looking for those few brave politicians who have the cojones to show us that you know what the problems are and that you have specific plans to fix them. And I mean specific… you know, like Chris Christie in New Jersey… that man seems to have more political courage than every politician in Washington combined. Quit talking to us like we’re stupid! Give us straight answers, not talking points! Educate the people as to HOW and WHY your ideas will work, and when the critics pounce, suck it up and answer them back like you actually believe what you’re saying. Inspire us… give us a reason to be excited about you.

2) Why are you so quick to run and hide from any comments someone in your party makes that the media misconstrues to try to make you look bad? Think Joe Barton and Joe Wilson in the House, and the two newcomers running for Senate, Sharron Angle and Rand Paul, who don’t have much experience dealing with a hostile press and have made some gaffes. Why don’t you stand by them and help them clarify their statements instead of trying to put distance between you?

3) In the past 18 months Congress and the administration have been complicit in the tearing down of this country… so CALL them on it! The stimulus bill was all pork… break it down and prove it to the people. Taking over the auto industry and giving money to “teachers” was a disguised way to give billions to the unions… come right out and say it and show the people exactly how the money was spent.

4) The Obamacare and financial reform bills were nothing less than blatant power-grabs, where the Democrats fought against the people and only enriched their own power base by creating thousands of new agencies and bureaucracies that are only going to suck more money and power to the government… come out and promise to work toward repeal of each and every one of those bills, and until the time comes when you have a Republican president who would sign bills repealing those laws, promise the American people that you will de-fund every agency, every government bureaucrat, and every enforcement mechanism that was created by these laws. Don’t tell us that you’re going to “fix” the bills, or “make them better”… we want them gone… killed… dead, and you should make it very clear to the American people that is your ultimate goal, even if it takes a couple of election cycles to do it. And who knows… that might even help you get started on the 2012 campaign for the White House.

PAUL WATSON ~ [email protected]