Will the Birthers Please Shut Up?!?

Chris Matthews, Bill Maher, Andrew Sullivan… all three are pseudo-intellectual morons who still hold on the idea that Sarah Palin’s youngest son Trig is really Bristol’s baby and Sarah is just pretending to be his mother. Idiotic? Yes! Tin-foil hat, black-helicopter nutjobs? Pretty close.

But that’s what “birthers” have been made to look like today by a media that is looking for every possible angle to make conservatives look so extreme that it would be dangerous to elect them to office. As we get close to the midterm elections those kinds of attacks are going to come so fast and so often that conservatives could be forced to spend their energies and advertising dollars defending themselves against those assaults, instead of using their assets to inform and educate the masses on their polices and what they will do if the people will elect them to do it.

Recently a Colorado GOP candidate for the Senate was pounded with repeated questions from “birthers” (who were both Republican and Democrat) about Obama’s birth certificate, until he finally had enough and called them “dumbasses”. And MSNBC was there to document it, and the MSNBC’s of the world will be there every time a “birther” opens his mouth in a public setting. That is the perspective I am speaking from as I contend that, barring any dramatic new evidence, the “birther” issue desperately needs to be pushed into the dustbin of irrelevancy, at least for the time being, because every time a conservative brings it up, no matter how innocent or helpful that person is trying to be, the effect is always going to be negative. To put it another way, we as conservatives need to show some political sophistication if we are going to be able to beat this highly organized and entrenched institutional left.

Please bear with me as I make my case: this whole issue boils down to the assumption that there are only two possible truths to this story: (1) Obama was legally born in this country as an American citizen, or (2) Obama was not. There are no gray areas… either he is, or he isn’t.

If the FIRST assumption is true, then there is an original birth certificate somewhere, and someone has seen it and knows where it is and knows what it says. If that is the case, then why hasn’t Obama just showed it and put this issue to rest? Simple — because by NOT showing it, the “birthers” stay agitated and continue to talk and ask questions and spread silly rumors with questionable documents, thereby giving Obama and his friends a silver-plated campaign issue they can use to define all conservatives as extremist loony-birds. And as long as the “birthers” keep this stirred up, Obama can toy with them all he wants.

But if the SECOND assumption is true, that Obama was NOT legally born in this country and there is NO birth certificate, then there is a small circle of people who already know that fact but are taking extensive steps to make sure that information remains secret. In doing so they can continue to dismiss the “birthers” and ridicule them as part of their campaign strategy. But that strategy also carries a big risk for Obama: if he is unable to rebound his poll numbers, and if he is still in the low 40’s (or lower) within a few months of the first caucuses and primaries in 2012, the Democrats will need a way to force Obama out of the race without looking like they are throwing the first black president under the bus and alienating the minority vote. If that small circle who are privy to the truth decide to “leak” the fact that Obama is not a natural born American citizen, or use it behind-the-scenes to force Obama to voluntarily decide not to run again, they would provide a relatively clean and seamless path for another candidate with a better chance than Obama to win in 2012 (can anybody spell “Hillary”?) to humbly step in and rescue the Democratic Party.

Whichever is true, it is serving no purpose and does the conservatives no favors if the “birther” questions keep coming. When (and if) the day comes that the “small circle” decides to actually release his real birth certificate, or to let it be known that there is NO (and never has been) an American birth certificate, then the current political reality is that it will happen at a time of THEIR choosing. In January 2013, if there happens to be a new Republican president with a Republican Justice Department with a Republican Senate and/or House, then maybe progress can be made on a real investigation that will dig up the truth, whatever it is.

In the meantime, my sincere and respectful request of “birthers” is that unless you have personally searched through the birth records in Hawaii or Indonesia or Kenya and have irrefutable documented evidence that Barack Obama was not a legal American citizen at his birth, then please… PLEASE… be careful who you express your opinions to. The truth will come out soon enough, whatever it is.

PAUL WATSON ~ [email protected]

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