Our True Enemy!

Our True Enemy!


Whether or not the person reading this agrees with my thoughts, I hope at the very least to give people pause to stop and think about what has happened in the past and what is happening here and now.

I’ve had this idea or thought in my mind for a number of years.  While visiting with an individual about the issues, he asked, “You and I see what’s going, but why doesn’t everybody see what’s going on?  Are they stupid, or ignorant, or misinformed, or simply evil?”  I couldn’t answer, at least not until I connected the dots with this idea.

Let’s go all the way back to the Founding Fathers and what they were trying to accomplish.  Two things we need to look at.  One, being very religious, the Founders were acutely aware of the ability that the Creator gave to man of being able to think and reason.  Therefore, with all of the checks and balances they designed into our system, they gave the most power to the people so they would be the ultimate check upon the government.   Second, they also placed into our constitution a very unique idea that no other form of government had ever had.  That was the freedom of speech, the freedom to assemble, and the freedom of the press.

While it’s not taught in our schools anymore, we have to ask ourselves why the people were given these freedoms.  I believe, the Founders thought so strongly about man’s ability to think and reason, that if the people are given the truth and facts about any issue, they will always, as a whole or as a majority, choose the proper path.  Let the people speak freely among themselves and in groups and they will make the correct choices on any and all issues.

But how do the people get the truth and facts about the issues?  The founders well knew that any person in power will constantly seek ways to increase their power or influence.  It is man’s nature, he has some, he wants more.  Those in power will lie, cheat, and steal to achieve their desire for more.  I think we can all come up with examples of this in our current and past elected officials.

This is where the freedom of the press comes in to play.  The founders wanted the press to act as the eyes and ears for all issues and report back to the people so they could then make the proper decisions.  Talk about a radical idea.  Give the people the truth and let them talk together freely and then force, by voting, their elected officials to carry out their desires.  There never has been nor never will be a controlling monarch or dictatorship that would allow that!

Everything worked fairly well up until the early 1900’s.  This is when the media, or press, really got the hang of lying to the people.  Some may say lying is too strong of a word.  They would say misrepresented, didn’t tell all the facts, embellished maybe.  I say it’s all lying.  Keep it simple stupid.  If you don’t tell the whole truth, it’s not the truth.

The media or editors have always lied to some extent, such as the range war in Wyoming.  But for the most part, the people received enough truthful information to keep the government in check.  It wasn’t until the Wilson administration that things started going really bad.  The Wilson administration used the media or press, to convince the people to accept what they wanted.  Their policy was, “Don’t tell the people the truth or facts.  Use the media to tell the people what we want them to believe.”  He did this through intimidation and force.  If the press didn’t report what he wanted, they wouldn’t get access or any information.  For the most part, the media caved and did Wilson’s bidding.

There’s the question of who controls who?  Do the progressives, liberals, progressive liberals, and Democrats (call them what you will) control the media or do the media control them?  The Wilson administration controlled the media.  As the media learned how to manipulate the people and learned how they could control the people’s thoughts and actions, ie gained power, the Democrats quickly realized that by “being for” what the media was for, they would pretty much have a free ride to elected office.  The media certainly would never honestly report on a candidate, policy, or ideal that was in conflict with their candidate, policy, or ideal.  I think the early Democrats simply learned to latch on to the media’s desires and then just hang on for the ride in order to gain power.  Today’s Democrats not only latch on, but they also believe in the progressive message.

Only after the Democrats or progressive liberals screw up so bad that the media can no longer cover for them, do the people wake up and say, “Holy crap, this ain’t working!”  It has happened time and again since the early 1900’s.  After each of the following administrations, Wilson, FDR and Truman, Johnson, Carter, Clinton, and hopefully Obama, the people elected someone that would clean up the mess left by the progressive liberals.  The people then go back to living their lives.  Meanwhile, the media is plotting to get their candidate(s) back in power.  They never rest.  While the media’s people are in power pushing their policy, they’re busy covering up those very policies.  If, heaven forbid, the conservatives are in power, they go into attack mode (think Bush is a dunder head while not reporting on children being used as sex slaves in Iraq).

Therefore, I think and believe the true enemy, not only in America but also the other free countries, is the lying media.  I think the evidence shows that every ill, every evil, that has fallen upon free people or those seeking freedom, can be traced back to the lies pushed by the media.

Need examples?

Churchill saw the dangers on the horizon in Germany in the 20’s, long before Hitler came on the scene.  Through public speeches and articles both home and abroad, Churchill tired to raise the alarm to the growing threat of Germany.  The media ridiculed him and called him a warmonger.  The media’s solution was the appeasement of Germany and disarmament of everyone else.  Almost the same policy towards Iran today isn’t it?  We all know the outcome. 

For another example, would you, the American people, or the free people of the world, support, defend or enforce a policy that would kill 40 million people?  Think about that.  40 million people dead.  That’s not some drunk that steps in front of a train.  That’s not someone that dies in their sleep.  How many scientists, how many artists, how many inventions would be lost if 40 million were killed?  Would any free people support such a policy?  Can you imagine someone saying, “40 million, big deal.  Let’em die.” 

Well, the sad truth is, such a policy does exist.  The media supported, pushed for, and now quietly refuses to report on the results.  The policy is the banning of DDT which was used for mosquito control which in turn prevented malaria.  While NO evidence supports (the evidence actually refutes) the claims made by the nut jobs and sung by the media, 40 million humans have died since the banning of DDT, so far.  They’re still dying.  While people die from malaria, the media tries to make us feel guilty for not supplying nets, while nary a word is said about the 40 million, nor why they had to die.  If the facts were broadcast nightly or daily in the papers, would the American people support the continuation of this policy?  Would the world?  Would any candidate run on the platform of, “Let’em die”?

Another example, would the American people’s support for the Iraq war been higher if it was reported daily with graphic pictures and interviews, on the children that were used as sex slaves, or the women that were pulled off the streets to “entertain” in the rape rooms, or if we were bombarded with daily pictures of the mass graves?  But most of the public and the world didn’t get that news because that might have garnered support for a president that wasn’t the media’s choice.   Hmmm, interesting isn’t it?

Why has there not been and outcry from the media about the 2 million murdered in Vietnam?  And no outcry on the tens of millions killed in China?  The China killer is actually praised by the media and is an inspiration to members of Obama’s administration.  Why is the media not going nuts on this?

Alar, the spotted owl, border control, our failing education system, global warming, the oil shortage, welfare, terrorism, crime, our debt and deficit, are all just some of the subjects the American people and the world have been lied to by the media.

While I support groups such as the Tea Parties and the 9-12 organizations, along with the other constitutional and conservative groups, my fear is that they are attacking the symptoms vs the disease.  This is also true of the conservative voices such as Beck, Hanity, Coulter, Maulkin, Levin, Rush, and Ingrahm, among others.  While the current leaders must be held accountable and their ideals shown to be false, no one seems to be asking the most important question of all.  No one is asking or answering the BIG question.

How did these clowns get elected to begin with?  How did a congressman win an election that thinks an island will capsize if too many people are placed on one side of an island?  Huh?  How did we elect the leader of the congress who has the audacity to say, “We must pass the bill in order to learn what’s in it?”  What?!  How do such brainless wastes of flesh get into office?  The list goes on and on.  Yes, these clowns must be held to account, as the symptoms.  To address the disease we must ask and address the question, “How did these progressive liberals get into power in the first place?”

Had the media told the people the truth, Obama never would have been elected senator let alone made the presidential ticket.  Clinton would have never become governor.  Barney Frank would have been booted out a long time ago.  If the media would do its job, I’m willing to bet a progressive liberal would have never held office nor would another ever be elected again.  We would not have had Soviet spies in the FDR and Truman administrations and there might not have ever been a cold war.  (The spies were supported, promoted and defended by the media.)  Gasoline would be around $0.75 a gallon, the U.S. would still be a manufacturing super power, and Iran would still be an ally.

So, what do we do and what can we do?  Here’s one suggestion.  It’s a waste of time to hope or even try to talk to the media people.  They have power and they want more so they won’t give it up through reason.  What if all Tea Party and 9-12 members, along with all other conservative/constitutional groups, boycotted the businesses that advertise with the progressive liberal media?  What would Coke do if millions of people said, “Since you advertise on NBC News, I’m not buying your product anymore”?  Do the same to Pampers in the New York Times and Tide on NPR.  And carry out the threat.  Do this to all advertisers in all liberal media sources.  How long would it take Tide to drop NPR?  Not long I bet.

It would not be that hard to do.  All Tea Parties and 9-12 groups could place a list of companies with email address and phone numbers that support liberal media outlets on their websites.  Instructions would be for all members to call or email the companies with a warning, “As long as you support a liberal media outlet such as x, I refuse to buy your product.  Have a nice day.”  It wouldn’t take long for the crap to hit the fan.

We have to keep in mind that the huge voting bloc of the east and west coasts get their “voting information” from a lying progressive liberal media.  This media is not about telling the truth, instead, it is following the Wilson doctrine of, “Telling them what we want so they’ll think, support, and vote what we want.”  These voting blocs are not stupid, for the most part.  They are simply making decisions based on the information they’ve been exposed too, information that comes from a lying media.  If that information is changed from a lie to the truth, the people will then make the proper decision. 

If the people don’t get a reliable source of information, we are doomed to continue having idiots in power and our liberties and freedoms slowly eroding.  It’s hard to imagine where we and the world would be if the above named administrations had never been elected.  How much have we lost?  It’s staggering to think, “What if?”

Unless we want to settle for temporary changes or fixes, treating the symptoms, we must reign in the lying media, the disease.  We must keep the Founders thoughts and beliefs in mind.  The Creator’s gift to man, the ability to think and reason, combined with a free press that provides the truth and facts to the people, will allow the majority of the people to always choose the proper path.

The secret is in an honest and truthful press, or media!