NY-25: The DCCC is Desperate

The race for the open seat being vacated by Republican Jim Walsh in New York’s 25th District is heating up. After his opponent had an entire summer with the airwaves to himself, Republican Dale Sweetland is on the air with his first set of ads. Several radio ads (which can be heard here) have been up for several weeks, along with Dale’s first TV ad, shown below.

Neither campaign has released any polling since an April poll found the race tied, with Dale Sweetland (R), the former Chairman of the Onondaga County Legislature and Dan Maffei (D), a former Charlie Rangel aide both receiving 36% of the vote, with almost a third undecided. The race is rated ‘Leans Democrat’ but is likely still close.

Shortly after Dale’s commercial began playing, the Democrat, Dan Maffei, pulled his commercials from TV. Now he is back on the air in a coordinated effort with the DCCC. The DCCC ad, the first negative ad being run in the district, attacks Dale for voting to raise taxes and to raise his own pay during his time in the Onondaga County Legislature. Obviously, the Democrats skipped the facts when they made the ad. When they say that Dale voted to “increase property taxes,” what they really meant was that he “lowered property taxes” and the overall tax burden in Onondaga County went down during his tenure as Chairman. When Dale served in the Legislature, he fought to lower taxes and trimmed spending from the annual budget, saving taxpayers millions of dollars. Not to mention the fact that county legislators are currently paid a whopping $25,000 a year and that’s AFTER the votes to increase their salary (compared to the hundreds of thousands of dollars that Dan Maffei made as Charlie Rangel’s press secretary).

The DCCC and Dan Maffei are clearly falling behind in this race if they are running cheap attack ads like this one. This was supposed to be an easy takeover opportunity for them and the fact that they are going negative and not releasing their poll numbers speaks volumes about their chances to pick up this seat in a 36R/33D Republican district. With less than five weeks until Election Day, we can push Dale Sweetland over the top. Dan Maffei was hand-picked by Charlie Rangel to run for this seat and he must be defeated.

Visit the Sweetland ’08 campaign website and consider making a contribution to his efforts. Add .08 to your donation so he knows that it’s from RedState. This is a seat in the heart of New York that Republicans CAN and WILL hold on to!