Ron Paul: Enough With The Almonds


Most conservatives know to usually just avoid talking about Ron Paul as to also avoid his delusional followers; but with the debate last night and the recent Iowa polls, I have reached my limit.  First, let me make the obvious concessions that he has SOME good ideas about limiting government and that he is unlikely to win the nomination.  With that in mind, I think it is embarrassing to have this man on the stage and receiving significant consideration from our party.  Others have been through the evidence extensively, but there is no doubt that Ron Paul is a fringe individual.  His racist newsletters (which he now denies he wrote), the conspiracies he promotes, and the veiled anti-Semitism in many of his pronouncements all makes his extremism obvious.  Yet despite these things, he has numerous supporters that defend every statement as if it was written straight into the constitution.  It is almost as if they believe that he is so old that only he can remember what the words were supposed to mean.


Last night, I watched Paul use pure propaganda to defend the most hateful aspects of the Iranian regime without flinching (Really? How much room for interpretation is there to “wipe Israel from the map”?).  He also tried to shift responsibility for innocent deaths from the actual killers onto us.  I know people don’t like to invoke the comparison, but to me this was no different than the extensive defense by many American isolationists of the Nazi regime throughout the 1930’s (before the Holocaust was public knowledge).  We have often made fun of the naiveté of Obama’s foreign policy and yet even he never directly spread false propaganda for our enemies to the same extent that Paul does.  Obama might only ask for a drone back, but Paul seems to want us to hand another one over as an apology.  His views are not only crazy, but they are offensive to anyone that has been affected or understands the threats we face.  I have said before that I would vote for a rock over Barack Obama, but Paul does not even live up to that standard.  Having him on my side is an embarrassment in every respect.  I am embarrassed as a Jew, as a conservative and most of all, as an American.  I understand the desire for a more limited government and a more strategic foreign policy, but that does not justify supporting a complete lunatic.  Once someone like Paul gets legitimacy for their economic views, we are also giving legitimacy to all of their other proclamations.  It is about time that our party leaders stood up and proclaimed that Ron Paul does not represent us and does not belong on that stage.  Otherwise limited government will forever become intertwined with conspiracy theories, racism, anti-Semitism and support for our enemies.


Before you disagree with me, please watch the Hannity interview yesterday and explain how anyone can come to a different conclusion:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Drftu8xdsbk (start at about 2 minutes)


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Update:  Glad to see many conservatives are disavowing and exposing Paul.  Here are some examples from the past few days: