We Need Competent Warriors: A message to party leaders and primary voters

The 2012 election, more than any in recent memory, will be about choosing between two distinct paths for our country’s future.  The choices are clear: push forward with the current growth of statism or revert back to our conservative principles.  There is no doubt that electing officials that will reverse our current path and fight for conservative principles is essential to our future.  If we continue down the current path, our debt and expanding bureaucracy may permanently destroy our republic. However, that ideological battle must be fought on the electoral battleground, where ideology is often less important than communication.   The question becomes how we ensure that those officials that will make such a difference are the ones elected?  The answer is that we must find and train politicians that can truly explain our principles and how our beliefs will be beneficial to the lives of everyday Americans.

This is a war and both sides have their own strategic allies.  Liberals have the advantage of a like-minded media to cover for their distortions and promote their policies.  Conservatives have an equally valuable advantage in that we have facts and historical trends on our side.  However, that strategic ally becomes worthless if the people promoting conservatism do not know or cannot explain those facts and trends.  Since conservatism is an ideology based in individualism, we usually do not rely on leaders to form our beliefs. Despite this, we must have leaders that articulate these beliefs and their impact on society so that the voting public can understand them.   It is not conservative advocates that need convincing, it is everyone else. We already have plenty of generals to explain conservatism from outside the system (Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter etc.), but we now require political warriors to fight the battle on the front lines (elections).  The real weapons are words and these warriors must be able to wield these weapons better than their opponents.  That means our candidates must be held to a higher standard than the typical politician or individual.  These warriors must be able to explain to voters that conservatism is the only path forward that will preserve our liberty, economic success and exceptionalism.   They must know the details of how conservatism can be applied to various issues and how that application will benefit individual Americans.  It is great to have conservative candidates running, but that becomes worthless if they can’t win because they do not know how to explain their beliefs to the voters.  I have noticed that many on our side are willing to settle for someone who only fulfills the requirement of having a similar ideology.  If we are going to save our republic, we need to start looking for more than just conservative candidates.  At the very least, we need conservatives who are willing to learn to sharpen their weapons.  More than that, we need conservatives that can make their beliefs appealing to the uninformed voter.  We must do some proper vetting and make sure that by the time we truly engage the left, we have some competent warriors on the front line. Anything short of that is a failure on our part to truly prepare for this battle.


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