The Immigration Smear

I am an Immigrant.  I came to America legally at the age of 2 and have never looked back.  It is for that reason that illegal immigration bothers me more than most.  It is not because I do not want others to enjoy the freedoms and opportunities that are only available  in America, but because there are millions of people who are waiting and praying for the opportunity to come here legally.  People often spend years waiting on special lists for a chance to immigrate here and start a new life.  The process for those people could be exponentially expedited if we didn’t have millions of illegal immigrants coming across our border every year and soaking up the resources necessarily to approve legal immigration.  That is why Obama’s attempt at backdoor amnesty this week is even more troubling.  The left likes to conflate legal (which almost no one opposes) and illegal immigration, thereby allowing them to paint opponents of illegal’s as racists and anti-immigrant.  Everyone has witnessed this strategy as recently as the debate over the Arizona immigration law.  Think about this; the justice department sued Arizona for enforcing our country’s immigration laws, but has yet to take any action against the dozens of major sanctuary cities across the country openly defying our laws.  MSNBC runs daily commercials advocating for illegal immigrants and comparing them to the legal (key distinction) immigrants that built this country.  If Obama or liberals really cared about immigrants or equal opportunity then they could easily raise the number of visas granted abroad, while also not subverting our nation’s laws.  What Obama is doing instead is choosing to not enforce laws that he does not like, a clear violation of his constitutional duties as president (not that those mean a lot to him).

`               To the left, this is purely a political game. They purposely seek to prevent border enforcement and legitimize those that would skip the line and come here illegally.  This strategy is politically beneficial because it allows liberals to tar their opponents and stabilize a solid majority vote in the Hispanic community.  The use of race as a tool in securing a voting block is nothing new for liberals, but conservatives must fight back if we intend to prevent it from occurring.  That means confronting the issue head on and making a point of reaching out to immigrant communities and explaining to them that they are being used in a political game.  Conservatives should always emphasize their support for legal immigration and ask why are liberals so hostile to it?  We should point out that the people being hurt the most by the promotion illegal immigration are individuals from the very same countries and with the same race who are stuck on a list trying to come here the right way.  Finally, we should stop letting the left set the terms of debate.  It is not a question of separating families or dealing with the people here, it is a question of maintaining our sovereignty and giving our laws meaning.  Immigration is a key part of America, but so are our laws.  Conservatives support both, while liberals choose to diminish them for political gain. It is about time we stop taking the smears and expose this reality.