Breaking America: How the Democratic Party Seeks to Divide Us

“I am an American First”. As someone who immigrated here at an early age and has seen the American Dream firsthand that phrase means a lot to me. It is one of the staples that has allowed this melting pot to become the greatest country in the history of the world. This phrase requires that we look past our differences and recognize what brings us together, but today one of our major political parties seeks to chip away at this principle. The media and Democrats often like to emphasize Republican interests (“big oil”, “corporations”, “wall street” etc.) in an attempt to diminish Republican ideas as somehow tainted. Never mind the fact that most of those interests actually have closer alliances with the Democratic Party (see donations to Barack Obama v. John Mccain in 2008). However, the same media never talks about the biggest interest of the new liberal Democratic Party, division.

The Democratic Party has now become dependent on dividing America. Whether by race (by claiming Republicans are racist), class (Republicans hate the poor and we will give you free stuff), sex (Republicans are anti-women by opposing abortion), or sexual orientation (claiming Republicans are homophobic) liberals cannot survive or win without turning Americans against one another. This is especially frustrating to those of us who disagree with liberal policies that have hindered those very groups for decades and yet cannot engage in a fair debate over them. If you don’t believe me about the importance of division to the Democratic Party, just look at the numbers. Democrats and Republicans compete about evenly in most national elections. Now imagine if Democrats did not get 90% of the African American vote, 60-70% of the Hispanic vote, 80% of the Jewish vote etc. The poor, minorities, women and all of these other groups have not thrived under Democrats and yet they overwhelmingly vote one way based only on the perception that the other party somehow hates them. The Democrats must maintain the narrative that Republicans, the party of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil Rights Act, are opposed to these groups to even compete in elections as long as they remain a far left party in a center right nation. Unfortunately Democrats have the help of the liberal media, academia and Hollywood to feed this perception. That is why conservatives like Clarence Thomas, Sara Palin, and Marco Rubio are portrayed as somehow betraying their respective groups for emphasizing view point’s that fall outside the liberal perspective. That is why the Tea Party is actively portrayed as racist despite loving candidates like Allen West and Marco Rubio. Finally, that is why the current president manages to deflect scores of legitimate criticism by claiming his opposition is racist.

Things were not always this way. There was a time in America where we had two political parties that had different ideas, but shared a common ideal of togetherness and a respect for the other side. It might not happen with the current media or the current Democratic leaders, but my hope is that if more of us speak out about this divisiveness and challenge it then one day we can once again all agree that we are all Americans first.