My letter to Donald Trump

Dear Donald,

Today you announced that if you do not win the Republican nomination (you won’t) then you will run as an independent, thus assuring that Obama will win re-election. For me this was the final straw in this ridiculous sideshow you have been engaged in with the media. I admit at first I liked the way you were sticking it to the left and I do understand it is the media that pushes the Birther thing. However, the media does that to help Obama. Serious candidates do not discuss this issue because there are no benefits for anyone from it. No one will ever prove anything related to the issue, and Obama will use it as a shield for his extreme policies by claiming the opposition must be extreme. It is for the following reasons that I ask you announce you will not really run for president. First, I want my candidate to be a reluctant star who runs for president out of an obligation to serve the country, not to stroke their ego and get attention. Second, you have never really been a conservative and yet you are using our movement and rhetoric to seek support. You have spent your business career thriving on crony capitalism, which is nothing like free market capitalism. You do not really understand the problems this country faces nor do you really care about them, except to the extent you can take advantage of them for your own personal gain. This is the same reason why you have spent your life donating to far left politicians like Anthony Weiner. I do not blame you for those things because you did it for your own financial gain, but that shows what your principles are (or lack thereof). You are a very successful and rich man (which is even more impressive considering you have been to bankruptcy court more times than government motors), but your success does not qualify you to run for president or to fix the problems with this country. To you this is a competition or a game, but for Americans who fear for this country’s future this is serious. The games are over; it’s time to let the serious people do serious work. Please go back to your show, enjoy the wealth and fame that you have gained in the greatest country on earth and let us focus on keeping it that way.