Green Jobs Fund?????

The latest on obama….

Congressmen John Dingell and Rick Boucher put together a “discussion draft”, the precursor to a bill that has already been given favor by obama. While any tax increase at this time is devastating (or at any time if you know anything of free markets and capitalism), what is very disturbing is one of the things that this tax increase will fund: Green Jobs.

The tax hike comes in the form of requiring permits for companies that emit co2. These permits will be able to bought and sold like goods on the free market as it stands so far. Of course any increase in fees to companies ultimately gets passed down in the form of rate hikes.

The Green Jobs Fund will provide an apprenticeship program for jobs that supposedly promote energy efficiency, but what it really boils down to here is this 2 year apprenticeship program (yes, two years!!!) teaches idiots how to change light bulbs! How long does it really take to learn something like that? Are you kidding me? I AM NOT JOKING AND I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP! The job for these people will be to change light bulbs in government buildings from the incandescent which have worked wonderfully for some time now, to the curly mini fluorescents, which are filled with poisonous mercury. Hey want to know what my guess is for the next government program? One that finds a safe and green way to get rid of mercury filled light bulbs! More spending, more wasted money. More more more. That’s obama’s plan.

Here’s the link to the actual draft. Section 731 brings up the Green Jobs Fund