The New Face of Abortion

One of the more interesting developments in both the pro-life and pro-choice movements is how both sides have chosen to market themselves. The pro-life movement has largely moved away from sectarian arguments towards a form of argument calling on a more broadly-based concern for human rights and personhood — believing that by doing so, is can draw on support from less religious voters who share those concerns. This has been very effective at mobilizing support (especially among younger people), and the left is understandably worried. What has their response been? Watch the video below (link):


You will notice a few things about the couple featured to talk about the Texas abortion bill: it is affluent, white, educated, and well-spoken. Both are employed in middle-class professions. They are, in a word, bourgeois.

The left believes that the reason their views on abortion are being rejected is out of a hatred for the type of woman often portrayed as getting an abortion — poor, ethnic, young, and ignorant. If they could only get more people who look and act like those in pro-lifers’ social circles, they argue, the pro-life view will disintegrate as opposition was never due to the practice of abortion, persay.

They are miscalculating — badly. In fact, the video above crystallizes exactly what it so appalling about the pro-choice view to pro-lifers. A stable couple that is well-able to afford and raise a child is casually discussing their choice to end a human life out of mere convenience, as if it were an old sofa. Stripped of any necessity or mitigating circumstances, the abortionist’s argument is one that is repellent to most people — and videos like the above will continue to drive thoughtful people into the arms of the pro-life movement.