Jeffress Who? (Or, Today's Sports 'n Stuff Open Thread, Pt Deux)

As promised, the highly-anticipated sequel to last week’s incredibly successful open thread is finally upon us!! If you would rather not relive the Reformation, the Counter-Reformation, and the Second Great Awakening, this is the place for you!

As with the “Palin Who?” open thread, the rules are simple:

1) Do not post anything having to do with Jeffress or religion in the context of politics, or acat, myself, or a forum regular will assail you with a delicious recipe. (Feel free to post other stories on religion, though.)

2) Post whatever you think would be interesting or useful to the RS community — last time we mostly talked about sports, but as Cole Porter put it, anything goes.

I’ll kick us off by congratulating MI for a job well done in sports and politics lately: between the Tigers beating the Yankees, the Lions’ great season so far, and Gov Rick Snyder’s attempts to make MI business-friendly once more, things are looking up for Detroit in a way that hasn’t been true for years. Requisite article link: