Palin Who? (Also, today's Open Thread)

Since it looks like the front page is going to be consumed with the all-important topic of Palin’s announcement today, I propose an open thread. Only one rule: you cannot mention Sarah Palin in any way, shape, or form. If you do, I will make certain that acat or myself will plague you with a recipe from some ethnic food group.

I’ll kick us off with the following delightful news article about the Bakken oil fields I read yesterday (h/t CNN):

“Believe it or not, a place exists where companies are hiring like crazy, and you can make $15 an hour serving tacos, $25 an hour waiting tables and $80,000 a year driving trucks.

You just have to move to North Dakota. Specifically, to one of the tiny towns surrounding the oil-rich Bakken formation, estimated to hold anywhere between 4 billion and 24 billion barrels of oil[…]

While it is home to less than 3,000 permanent residents, there are about 6,500 people there right now, as job hunters relocate to seek out high-paying jobs.”

Huh, I guess oil extraction *does* produce more than just profits for those evil corporations. Remind me why shouldn’t we drill in ANWR, again?