Something else that might be fun (h/t Doc Holliday)

Not to steal Doc’s thunder, but imitation being the highest form of flattery, etc I just had to point out a quiz that, IMO, is a bit better defined than the Political Compass test. I present to you all (drumroll please!) the Nolan Test! This test was invented by Christopher Nolan sometime in the 70s as a way to see where people stood on the various issues, and should be quite revealing, as well as fun.

Here’s the link to Doc’s diary, so that you can go comment on it: http://www.redstate.com/doc_holliday/2011/02/12/this-might-not-be-a-diary-per-se-but-i-think-it-could-clear-up-a-few-things-and-actually-be-fun/

And here’s the link to the Nolan Test: http://www.nolanchart.com/survey.php