It's All About the EV's, stupid!

Michigan, Virginia, and Colorado are THE most important states this cycle. This is why Romney and Kaine are going to be the veeps.

2004 Kerry States would give Obama 252 EV’s.

If Michigan goes red, Obama is down to 235. Obama would then need to pick up IA (7), NM (5), CO (9), and VA (13) to get him to 269 which would give him the Presidency in a tiebreaker.

Hence, Michigan and VA are the keys….along with Colorado….for Obama. Obama can lose OH, FL, AND MI so long as he picks up IA, NM, CO, and VA.

AS for McCain, this is the rationale as to why Romney will be the pick. Even if you cede VA, NM, and IA…that leaves CO that you’ve gotta hold. Who out of the potential veeps does well in CO, as well as Michigan in which McCain needs?

It’s Romney. And it’s a no brainer. Kaine is Obama’s effort at doubling down in a state he needs to go blue.

Obama can even win IA(7), NM(5), NV(5), VA(13), but he still does not get the Presidency without CO if McCain picks up MI.

So, in conclusion….Michigan and Colorado are your 2 biggest battlegrounds for John McCain. It’s obvious which candidate not only is strong in these two states, but which one can actually deliver them red.

Willard Mitt Romney.