Washington Post misquotes Adita Blanco

My name is Adita Blanco. On August 19th, 2008, I was at a reception for Hillary supporters hosted by McCain’s campaign. This reception was specifically for those of us that cannot support Obama. I was interviewed by a reporter from the Washington Post. Unwittingly, I agreed to do the interview and gave him my name. The next morning, I was suprized to see that I had been completely misquoted. I felt that I had been set up. I had told the reporter that I was planning to join the McCain camapaign because I did not feel that Obama was prepared or experienced enough to be President. I told him that I was planning to join John McCain and work for him as hard as I had done for Hillary. The article included things that I never said. I never said that I hated Obama or that he was nothing. I have never supported John Edwards. But all of these statements were included in the article. This also happened to some of the other Hillary supporters that also attended the reception. I have done a google search on my name and found these incorrect statements repeated over and over on various websites and news outlets. My name is attached to all of them and I feel that my name has been dragged through the mud.