What are you all doing over there?

Once, long ago, this site talked about the “big ditch” between Democrats and Republicans. That ditch was real, as it turns out. The middle ground is gone, dissolved into some sad and corrosive political void over the past few decades. And, yes, I am on the opposite side of that ditch as 99.9% of the people visiting this site.

But, Trump?

Trump isn’t even a Republican! He’s nothing! He’s a swamp monster trudging forth to no discernible end…except winning, for himself.

Trump lost my middle-ground grandma so much she talked about how even Hitler won elections in Germany!

And I know you all don’t much like Trump. Well, good! But what the hell is going on over there on the other side of the big ditch!

Every Republican I know is horrified by the results in their state tonight. And yet, Trump’s won those states. I guess I don’t know most Republicans? Maybe neither do you? He’s going to win the nomination!

What are you all doing over there?!

To be clear, I’m a Democrat. I want a Democratic victory in November. But for goodness sake, you all…Trump?

Good luck, Leon.