I'm Weird as Heck

I know you have those nights where you just can’t sleep. Like me, you probably heard something very very very very stupid and you just can’t swat the stupidity fly away. It keeps buzzing by your brain and mucking it. You are wide-awake raging until you find sweet release by placing a pillow over your face and start punching it as hard as you can.

The latest stupidity that I have come across is a meme that has a picture of a handsome looking young man. A hipster. Sporting tattoos and a blank expression, conveying deep serious thought. The tagline, which is supposedly witty, is:

“The nicest people I’ve ever met were covered in tattoos and piercings. The most judgmental people I’ve met are the ones who go to church every Sunday.”


I begin to express how inane and manipulative this is.

Here goes…

The meme implies that being nice means you are expressive and open-minded. Free from restrictions, secular expressiveness is the gateway to harmony. Being judgmental means you are repressive, close-mind, and mean. Church is where you go to be more restrictive and that makes you miserable and intolerant.  Why would you ever be judgmental!?

For that matter, why would one even want to go to church in the first place. Is there something we are missing? If church makes one so mean and so closed-minded, why go? Are we that stupid that we can’t understand what we are doing is wrong? The answer: stop going to church, only then will you reach true non-judgementalness.

This then implies that the more one expresses oneself the more intelligent one becomes. If the goal is to be non-judgmental then it’s stupid to go to church. (A Christian one to be exact. Believing in Buddha, Allah, Hinduism, or any other pantheistic or New Age spirituality is okay.)

Don’t you get it dummy? Church is making you judgmental, being judgmental is bad, we all just want get along. So come on friend, join the camp of Openess, there is no discerning here.

To discern is to find differences. If there are differences then not everyone can agree.

So what do you do?

Well Nothing. Just be open and don’t judge one another.

Yeah, but how would you know what’s wrong and what is right?

Well, just don’t hurt anyone.

Yeah, but what if by hurting someone it benefited me because what’s good for me might not be good for you and what’s good for you might not be good for me?

But hurting is bad.

Don’t be so judgmental!!!

Do you see the illogic in the non-judgmental doctrine? I’m sorry to say but no, you have not unlocked the impenetrable chest that reveals the secrets of the universe. You have actually distanced yourself from the chest. You were convinced that it’s vogue to be fearful of the chest. So you created your own chest and said this is the genuine one. How you think and feel right now; your beliefs and thoughts and actions coincide with what’s inside the counterfeit chest so there is no need for change or development.  You aren’t happy but you are neither sad nor depressed because there plenty of distractions in here to keep yourself busy until that time you introspect again and have to find even bigger distractions and wilder ideas to believe in.