Kanye West, Arbiter of Social Issues? No

So I’m talking to a friend of mine and it starts to go in a direction that I didn’t intend for it to go. Something unsurprising once you get to know me. So thinking about it now, I think it was inevitable.

My friend is black. Why is this relevant? Well he is one of these oxymoron’s see and it perturbs me to no end. He is a level-headed sounding paranoid racist. Does that make sense?

Okay if it doesn’t, if you are not familiar with this let me try to clarify this for you.

My friend, let me call him Roy, is a father. Roy is also in his late thirties. So when I talk to Roy, his advice and opinions are rational, plainspoken, and he has a penchant for seeing things how they really are. Don’t try to play games with Roy, he will see right through you.

So, me being me, I automatically connected with Roy. When we talk, there is a trustworthiness to his thoughts, because it sounds like he really thought things through. Roy is a Liberal Democrat, so his opinions in ALL areas do not reflect sound thinking.

When it gets down to big business and state government regulations, Roy and I start talking over one another and telling the other to let me finish. It gets a bit heated. And when he starts to bring race into something that has nothing to do with race; oh man, that irks me to no end. Roy being black and myself white, my opinions are automatically not taken seriously. Hence, heated.

I just want to say for the record: I am not intimidated by the left and their tactics. I will not dignify the race-card-pulling-out-card-of-race with a response. Roy knows this and I can tell Roy gets even more aggravated when I don’t cower before his race playing abilities. Hence, heated.

Today I had another one of those bewildering moments I have with Roy that I won’t soon forget. I say another, since Roy bewildered me before. I’ll get to that in later column. Let’s stick to today.

I was cracking a joke on Kanye West. Unbeknownst to me, Roy is a big fan of Kanye. “Kanye is my boy!” Roy declares. What turned into harmless jest, turned into the issue of lax in character of the celebrity kind. I said that Kanye is a narcissistic, egotistical fool, with insane opinions, he is ill-mannered, impolite, and above all a bit loony.

Roy dismissed my unpuppy-love of Kanye and declared that everything that Kanye West does and says, he agrees with 100%! Yes, you are reading that correctly. He agrees with everything that Kanye says and does.

I asked Roy, “even the repeated times he has jumped on stage and made a spectacle of himself?” Yes. “Even after his inane, crazy, anti-semitic comments about blacks not having enough connections as Jews?” (notice I never say African American?) Yes, he says.

Man-O-man. This was astounding. I mean, seriously? This intelligent, plainspoken man was agreeing with this obtuse, numbskull of a man.

I asked him to explain to me why he doesn’t see any flaws in Kanye’s behavior. He started by defending the Kanye’s actions that took place at the VMA’s 2009, when Taylor Swift won the award for Best Female Video.

“Taylor Swift is a country singer” he tells me. So? “The category was R&B.” No it wasn’t. It was Best Female Video. “Beyonce should have won. The same thing happened to 50 Cent when he lost best album of the year to Evanescence.” I’m getting an inkling of where he is going with this, but I let him continue. “So when Kanye West got on stage and did what he did, he was saying something that my people have always been a victim of.”

Ooooooooh. so there is it is folks. It’s okay for Kanye West to do what he does and say what he says because he’s black. Taylor swift, white, took the award from Beyonce, black. 50 Cent, black, was robbed by Evanescence, all white. That’s how he sees it. Kanye West was just a black man compelled to declamatorily justice.

I asked him “So this is a white people versus black people issue.” “It’s obviously all about that,” he says while a democrat next to him, who’s face is shrouded in shadow, pops a pellet into his mouth and pets his head and says, “that’s a good boy.”

As stated above, this intelligent friend of mine is justifying Kanye West’s behavior solely because he’s black. I had to listen while Roy explained to me every action was somehow benefitting the alleged plight of black people.

We can argue the merits and demerits of award ceremonies. Who wins them and so on. I know we all watch these and say, often loudly, “They shouldn’t have won!” or “Really!? Who is that?” And I don’t totally disagree with the fact that the ceremonies are not race consciences or even gender conscience. But he is barking up the wrong tree if he thinks that Kanye West is somehow advancing the well being of black people.

And this is how the modern liberal thinks: Turn a blind eye or see it with your own eyes and call it something else. The modern liberal speaks about tolerance, a tolerance with nothing else attached to it. Good or bad behavior, it doesn’t matter. It’s social justice! You just do things, anything, that’s the tolerance the modern liberal believes in. This tolerance makes Kanye West opinions elevated to a degree of, I don’t even know, they will just make it up. Like my friend Roy does.