Podcast: Obama v. Time

Podcast Show Notes

Why the hurry on health care? (Hat Tip: James Pethokoukis.)

RomneyCare ripping off Hospitals. (Hat Tip: Don Surber.)

RomneyCare being gamed. (Hat Tip: Red State.)

Why the Democrats big tax increase will not work. (Hat Tip: Townhall.)

House Obamacare bill to increase deficit $239 billion. (Hat Tip: Hot Air.)

White House foreclosure program fails. (Hat Tip: Don Surber.)

Democrats go thuggish on Arizona. (Hat Tip: Hot Air.)

Millions being wasted on no-bid contracts.

On the bright side: stimulus helping charter schools. (Hat Tip: Education Watch.)

David Keene puts conservatism up for sale.

You cannot reduce the number of abortions by funding them.

Unborn children remember.  (Hat Tip: Jill Stanek.)

Second Amendment update via Gun Watch.

The threat of climate change has to be hyped. (Hat Tip: James Pethokoukis.)

In Britain, efforts are under way to bar parents from taking their children out of sexual education classes.

Music by Exit 417 via Music Alley.

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