Frequently Mouthed Anti-Tea Party Talking Points

There are many anti-tea party talking points going on out there, let me go ahead and tackle a few:

Talking Point: Obama has only been in office 86 days.  How can you protest him? He hasn’t been in office long enough to have even done any damage.

A: Under Obama’s watch we’ve seen a $797 billion Stimulus bill that’s a Pork-filled Christmas Tree to the left. In addition, his budget has come out and scorers at the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office say it will run up $9.6 Trillion in National Debt over 10 years.

TP: You idiots! Obama hasn’t raised your taxes! He hasn’t even raised taxes on the top 5%, you cretins! He’s cut your taxes.

A: I noticed the extra money on my pay stub and will send it to Republican causes.

In all seriousness, Senate Democrats are suggesting that Obama’s meager $12 a week tax cut be axed after 2010. In addition, Obama has already raised taxes on tobacco in order to pay for his S-Chip expansion. This hits working and middle income folks the hardest, as they make up the largest percent of smokers. Of course, it will be noted that they could and perhaps should quit, but you better pray they don’t because then your whole SCHIP program collapses like a house of cards if they do.

In addition, Obama’s proposals are full of expenses to the average American worker. His Cap and Trade deal will cost thousands to the average U.S. family in higher utilities.  More importantly, is the future taxes Obama is bringing on us through his reckless and unprecedented deficit spending that will increase future taxes exponentially, as well as devaluing our currency through incessant inflation.This will shrink the value of everyone’s savings and retirement.

Plus, on top of that, Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) is talking about implementing higher taxes next year, rather than in 2011. Either way, when higher taxes are implemented it will have the effect of driving investment and capital out of the country. Do you think we can handle that?

TP: Oh yeah, where were all you deficit hawks during the Bush Administration?

A:  As someone who personally spent 40 minutes scraping the Bush/Cheney 2004 Bumper Sticker off the back of my car-Shut up!

Conservatives were plenty ticked off under Bush. That’s why you had groups like Club for Growth challenging big spending Congressmen. You had the Porkbusters effort. Perhaps, the more common response though was a passive agressive one. Republican campaign funds dried up, conservative voters didn’t show up at the polls in 2006, or to a large degree in 2008 either.

Of course, there were some people who chose to forget deficit spending during the Bush years. They usually defended this by stating we were in a War and pointed to the fact that deficits were at a sustainable level of under 3% of GDP, Obama’s deficits are in a much higher range that most economists say are completely unsustainable.

TP: Oh yeah, if you weren’t happy with Bush, why did most of you guys vote Republican?

A: Well, a lot of people did stay home or give “Blue Dog” Democrats who talked  like Republicans a chance to govern. The vast majority of these Blue Dogs turned out to be lapdogs that went along with the President’s irresponsible spending programs.

Others did stay home, but for those who voted for Republican, either: 1) they supported someone who was doing good work in Washington or 2) voted Republican because they had a sense of how bad the Democrats would do if given the chance.

TP: Hey Genius, I don’t see you raising any solutions.


  • Abolish the IRS, the Payroll Tax, the Corporate Income Tax, and implement the Fair Tax. You’ll immediately alleviate the economy of a more than $300 billion compliance burden. You’ll also bring back foreign investment to the county.
  • Apply term limits to members of Congress. I suppose we could quibble on the details, but my guts says 2 Consecutive Terms for Senators, 4 for House Members.
  • Implement a line item veto to allow the President to veto wasteful government spending.
  • Pass a Balanced Amendment to the Federal Constitution.

TP: Ha! There are way too many Democrats in Congress for you to get any of that passed.

A: Not for long.

TP: Oh come on, America is laughing at you. Yesterday was the day conservatism died and the Republican Party ceased being a serious contender for winning elections.

A: The left is laughing, but America isn’t. Americans are concerned about this Administration’s run-away spending.  If you find an example of a political movement that suffered doomsday as a result of hundreds of thousands marching for its causes, please let me know.

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