Geithner's Dangerous Plan

Podcast Show Notes

Zero loss Insurance scam puts FDIC at risk. (Hat Tip: Talk Left.)

Taxpayers about to get hosed under the Geithner-Sumner plan.

Obama says Austrian is a language.

Did Islam shape America?

Baucus proposes raising taxes on people earning as little as $104,425.

The Democrats lied, will DC education die?

Congressman raises money from group with business before his committee.

Palin asks for funds for missile defense.

Rick Warren: warrior or wimp?

Cold scaring kids.

British domestic violence shelters howl about being forced to care for male victims of domestic violence. (Hat Tip: Don Surber.)

Anti-Christian propoganda in the guise of diversity in Great Britain. (Hat Tip: Newsbusters.)

British Bishop retires to stand up against radical Islam.

No asylum for woman persecuted by leftist thugs.

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