The Man Who Knew Too Little and Did Too Much

Podcast Show Notes

Tim Geithner: The man who knew too little and did too much.

Oklahoma Democratic Congressman: Obama produced a Democratic bill rather than an American one.  (Hat Tip: Red State.)

The era of post-partisanship is over. (Hat Tip: Don Surber.)

President Obama’s manipulative and controlled press conferences. (Hat Tip: Newsbusters.)

North Korea testing long-range missiles and President Obama. (Hat Tip: Townhall.)

The hypocritical stimulus three: only against tax cuts but not new spending. (Hat Tip: Sister Toldjah.)

What’a Senator’s job anyway?

New York Democrats plan: increase taxes during the recession. (Hat Tip: Club for Growth.)

California’s $14 billion tax increase. (Hat TIp: Patterico.)

Do as I say not as a I do: while bashing banks, FEMA plans a big Vegas event. (Hat Tip: Surber.)

Obama’s Education Secretary presided over schools where students were not safe from teachers and other adults working for the school.

Teachers’ Union members opposed Proposition 8, but the NEA gave money to support it. (Hat TIp: Wizbang Blog.)

A Catholic College attacked for being Catholic. (Hat TIp: Baseball Crank.)

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