Otter Should Act in the Spirit of Obama

Chris at Unequivocal Notion writes:

Sloganeering will get us nowhere — however Republicans in the legislature need to realize that their Democratic comrades were elected by Idahoans – and those Idahoans also deserve to have representation in the Statehouse.

In the spirit of our new bi-partisan age, it’s time for the Governor to walk over and listen to Democratic concerns. When a point of contention rises in the meeting, the Governor should nod, listen patiently and then say a simple phrase that will bring bi-partisan unity and change to our state.

I won.”

Now, that’s being nice. We didn’t just win. We pulverized them.

And I’ll take the outrage of Chris and other critics of our State legislative GOP leadership seriously when they begin to care about the outrageous power grab of Speaker Pelosi which has arguably left national House Republicans in a far more unfair situation than Idaho Democrats despite the fact that there’s a higher percentage of U.S. House Republicans than Idaho legislative Democrats.

Part of being in a legislative minority is that the Majority sets the agenda. And at $30,000 a day, there’s not time to hold earings on every proposal. Such is life. Given that significant bills by Democratic members (Rep. George Sayler’s daycare bill in 2007 comes to mind), Democrats should consider themselves fortunate that Speaker Lawrence Denney is no Nancy Pelosi.