The Club Against Charity

A big national organization is attacking a company for how it chooses to use its own money. What left wing organization is that? Er-Club for Growth. Andy Roth of CFG cites the $2 million Target Co. contributes to communities every week and then cited a blogger who asked:

Wouldn’t it be a lot easier for Target to just lower its prices and/or increase wages for Target employees by $3 million weekly? Wouldn’t that be a more direct, and just as effective, way to serve the communities where Target stores are located?

Andy Roth adds approvingly:

This is the power of capitalism. If Target lowered its prices, it would be doing its communities a huge favor while letting Target remain competitive, thus forcing prices to go down even further.

How dare Target have the nerve to give money to charity. Target has 1,591 Stores, diffused among these stores, $3,000,000 a week adds up to less than $2,000 a week in price reductions. Diffused among the store’s 366,000 employees, a pay increase would amount to less than $10 a week.  Given how much business a Target store does, is there anyone out there who thinks that your local Target taking in $2000 less a week will make a difference or $10 more in the pay envelope of each Target Employee is going to fix the economy?

On the other hand, Target’s grants do good. There’s Target House which provides 98 families with children who are suffering serious illinesses and being treated at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Note: This is not government using other people’s money. This is Target deciding to help the community and Roth’s got a problem with that? Not only is it good to do, but it buys a lot of good will.

We don’t need government telling us how to spend our money, and we certainly don’t need the Club for Growth to do it either.