Dissent: Officially No Longer Patriotic

The one with the thrill up his leg has spoken. Dissent is no longer patriotic according to Chris Matthews:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Up next, does Rush Limbaugh hate this country? Wait till you hear what he said about the new president. He wants him to fail. What an amazing-, I’ve never heard anybody say they wanted a new president to fail. Usually you want the new president to succeed and then later on you argue the politics of what he or she does. But to want them to fail at the outset? What’s that about?

Does Rush Limbaugh hate this country? When was this ever asked about people who spent years doing nothing but undermining the efforts of our troops and our nation overseas? What we’ve been hearing for years is that not only is it okay to undermine your country and the commander-in-chief in a time of war, but, “Don’t question their patriotism.”

And let me say this, I didn’t recall a whole lot of people shouting, “I hope Bush succeeds” back in 2001 from the left. In the aftermath of Florida, the far left was gunning for Bush. Real wishes of success from the liberal talking heads. I never saw it. Certainly, politicians would say it because that’s what you’re supposed to do.

Now, we’re into a new Administration and on day 2, dissent has gone from being patriotic to unpatriotic.

I think we have to be clear on our definition of success, those folks who voted for McCain who are out there saying, “I hope Barack Obama succeeds” are saying, “I hope the economy gets better, we don’t get attacked, and the nation enjoys relative stability.” If Barack Obama leaves the White House and that’s pretty much all you can say for his Administration, he won’t be viewed as a success, but as a middling President.

What conservatives who say I don’t want Obama succeed are ultimately saying is: “I don’t want nationwide Romneycare. I don’t want the Freedom of Choice Act. I don’t want the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act. I don’t want our country to move towards socialism. I don’t want an end to American economic opportunity.”

FDR “succeeded” in beginning a long strain of social policies that cost our country trillions. Is America better off for it?

My personal wish is that Obama succeeds by realizing the error of his proposals and does right by our country. As a nation, we are running out of time and can’t afford too many more Presidents who “succeed” only in messing things up even more.

I guess we should get used to this. Indeed, I’d suggest it’s time to go out and buy a pack of, “Dissent is the Highest form of Patriotism” bumper stickers if the bumper sticker wasn’t so arrogant. There’s something wrong with a person who suggests that a fat white guy typing on a keyboard, or an ignorant college student screaming on campus is more patriotic than the solider on his belly with enemy fire all around him.

In the end, though, the left only believes dissent is patriotic when they’re not in power.