Conservatives Ignore Culture at Their Peril

Andrew Breitbart writes that conservatives won’t fix their Internet problem until they fix their culture problems. Writes Breitbart:

The Democratic Party resonates on the Internet because it resonates in pop culture. The Democratic Party resonates in pop culture because it has been committed to dominating it for over a generation…

The spectacular Will.I.Am song and video, “Yes We Can,” could not be duplicated by Republicans if T. Boone Pickens airdropped his fortune on the RNC headquarters.

The Mac versus PC advertising campaign best sums up the stark divide. Only it’s much worse.

What the Republican Party needs to do now is figure out how to make up for 40 years of ignoring the net effect of film, television and music, and the youth culture that goes along with it. When will the people who make the big decisions and write the big checks realize the AM radio band is not enough?

As I’ve written and stated many times, college Republicans and other young conservative activists need to go Hollywood – in mind, spirit and even in location.

I don’t know if it’s quite as bleak as Breitbart says, but it is a challenge for conservatives. Here’s the deal. It seems that most of the people leading on the right are so left-brained towards fields like finance, business, or government that they can’t even grasp the idea of cultural productions as anything more than diversions.

When in reality, culture really turns the wheel of society and in fact is often far out front of government. Culture defines how many people think about issues. Something as simple as who the good guys and who the bad guys are can move people’s views of the world.

Of course, works of culture need not be about specific topics. One example of this if Harrison Ford’s 1993 Hit “The Fugitive.” The plot: A doctor is wrongfully accused and convicted of the murder of his wife. He escape and seeks to clear his name. It was based on a 1960s TV Show.  In the 1960s show, the villain was a one-armed man, a simple thug who did the crime. *spoiler warning ahead*

But we couldn’t have that in 1993. The source of villainy was an evil corporation that wanted to get their heart drug approved by the FDA even though it caused liver problems, because we all know it’s better to make a few hundred million in sales and then get hit by a multi-billion dollar class action lawsuit when someone else figures out the problem.

And how did Deputy U.S. Marshall Samuel Gerard figure out the company was behind it. He quoted it’s Market CAP of several billion dollars and said, ”It’s a monster.”

Yes, any corporation with a larget Market CAP is a criminal enterprise ready to kill you and/or frame you for murder in order to kill other Americans because of their insatiable greed. Thus, to many Americans, if you say, “My name is Bob, I work for a Fortune 500 company…” they’ll think, “Must be a soulless robot.”  

Now, if conservatives are smart, we’ll see more films that feature labor unions as the bad guys. Such an effort would produce a situation where people would think, “So you work for the mafia?” when they introduce themselves as a leader of a union.

While my fellow conservatives may look at me as if I’m from another planet when I mention that I write Science Fiction, my cultural efforts will continue as they matter more long-term than my political ones.