Sorry, Mrs. Ryan

From Fox News:

KANKAKEE, Ill. — Former Gov. George Ryan’s wife says she has written a letter asking President George Bush to let her husband come home from prison.

“I asked (the president) to please let him come home because I needed him because of my health,” Lura Lynn Ryan told the Chicago Tribune for story published in Sunday editions.

Ryan, 74, said she has suffered dizzy spells since an aneurysm four years ago and wears a medical alert necklace in case of an emergency.

The letter marks the latest request asking Bush to commute the former Republican governor’s 6 1/2-year racketeering and fraud sentence to the about 13 months he’s already served. George Ryan was convicted of steering contracts to cronies, using state employees to run his campaigns and burying an investigation of bribes paid in exchange for drivers license when he was secretary of state.

I feel for Mrs. Ryan in this situation, and maybe Bush will give one last bit of compassionate conservatism to the disgraced former Governor of Illinois, but the answer ought to be no.

How many families of prisoners could use the prisoner at home right now? Quite a few. How many would want nothing more than to spend the Holidays with their family members? We wouldn’t let a drug dealer or a car thief out just because their family needs them. Yet, we have folks pushing it for a corrupt governor.

The lack of accountability for crooked politicians is part of what drives our cynicism when we let politicians off under arrangements the common man could never get. Getting out of prison after serving less than 20% of your sentence certainly qualifies. I believe the principle that to whom much is given, much will be required, and 20% of the sentence doesn’t cut it.