Is Obama Change Incarnate?

Podcast Show Notes

Obama claims change comes from him, so he can surround himself with old time Washington hacks.

More Charlie Rangel corruption. (Hat Tip: Red State.)

The cost of the bailout.  

Georgia ackowledges the need for strong marriages.

One woman’s decision not to be an abortionist. (Hat Tip: Jill Stanek.)

The perfect holiday gift: Planned Parenthood gift certificates.  (Hat Tip: Hot Air.)

A university pro-life club threatened. (Hat Tip: Right Mind.)

Homeschool harassment. (Hat Tip: Newsbusters.)

30 Marines beat back 250 Afghani Insurgents. (Hat Tip: Right Wing News.)

A message from a brave injured soldier.  (Hat Tip: The Corner.)

A union president fingered for corruption.

A burglar breaks into the wrong house and other second Amendment news.

Music by Admiral Twin via the Podsafe Music Network.

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